Thursday, April 23, 2009


My original goal was to be able to run in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, which happens on May 9th here in Boise. But I won't be able to. I just didn't get the training in that I wanted. Part of it was bad weather and bad knees. Alot of it was laziness ane excuses. So my plan was, I just won't do it. I'll forget the Race for the Cure this year, and maybe next year I'll run it. Then it hit me. How could I be so stupid. Just because I won't be able to run the whole 5k doesn't mean that I shouldn't at least try to run some of it, or even walk all of it for that matter. Giving up compleletly would mean failure, but participating will be success. So, yesterday, I went to the website and registered. I will be participating (probably walking) in the Race for the Cure this year. I'm actually excited about it.

I'm doing it on my own. Other 5K walks, I've had buddies or friends that I've walked with. This year, I want to set me own pace. Run some if I can, don't if I can't. I think it will be fun. I'm really excited.