Saturday, October 8, 2011

BSU T-Shirt Dress

When I married this:

I didn't know that I was marrying this.

I think the fact that my husband never wore a hat that wasn't blue or orange or the fact that the first time I saw my future father-in-law in something other than a BSU shirt was the night of our rehearsal dinner, should have given me some sort of clue.

I admit to being a fan of BSU -- I even owned season tickets to BSU Football the first year after I graduated (several years before I met my husband). It is my alma matter, after all.  But I'm not sure I was prepared to bleed blue and orange

We registered for orange stone wear dishes, and while I loved them, I couldn't decorate with blue, for fear that people would think that I intentionally had a Bronco dining room.

Having fanatics as in-laws has some benefits -- I have never had to purchase game day garb for myself or my children, as a Bronco logo seems to be required on all gifts recieved.  (All joking aside, my inlaws are fantastic.)

So Ladybug has plenty of game day hand-me downs, but I worried that people would mistake her for a boy.  (Though her grandmother did buy her a cheerleader outfit it is too big, so it gives me some time to decide how I feel about that.)  I needed to girl up some of the hand-me downs.  So I up-cycled a t-shirt into a t-shirt dress for her.

The t-shirt is size 12M, but its really small.  I cut off about three inches of the bottom.  (I originally was only going to cut off 2 inches, and I should have stuck with that.  Oh well.)  Then, I took some old jeans and cut some 4 inch strips.  I didn't have as much jean material as I wanted.  (I had already used the other leg on a different skirt.) So I was only able to get one pleat on the front, and one on the back.  I would have liked the skirt to be more ruffly.  It turned out okay, but I'm not thrilled with it.  Of course, Ladybug looks adorable in it. 

Check out Ashley's tutorial for the headband.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cloth Diapering My Newborn: Starter Stash

I really wanted to use cloth diapers with my boys, but my husband used his veto power.  "That's crazy to do that with twins,"  he said.  He was probably right -- especially with how much they spit up and how little they slept.  But when I really wanted to use cloth diapers with our new baby, surprisingly, he agreed.  I tried to educate him about pockets and all-in-ones and pre-folds and covers, and get his input.  He didn't care.  He would use whatever I bought, but he didn't want any part in the decisions.

There are a lot of types of diapers made with a lot of different materials. The decisions can seem a little overwhelming.  I think you need to decide what is right for your family.    I was confused by the micro-fibers and stay-dry fabrics, they all seemed to have different washing and drying instructions.  To make things as easy I wanted to be able to throw everything in the washer and dryer together.  I was okay with having to pull a few quick dry covers out, and hang them to dry.  I decided that I wanted to use all-cotton diapers. I wanted to balance cost with usablity, and I wanted diapers that would be easy for my daycare provider to use. 

I finally decided on what I thought I would need:
  • 6 Grovia Newborn AIO
  • 6 Newborn Workhorse Diapers from Green Mountain Diaper
  • 12 Newborn Prefolds from Green Mountain Diaper
  • 2 Bummis SuperBrite Wraps
  • 1 Bummis SuperWhisper Wrap
This stash put me at the 20-24 diapers that is often recommended to diaper a newborn.  I also bought 8 Grovia One-Size AIOs and two Thirsties Duo Wrap, size one -- because they were on sale, and I knew our baby would grow into them.

Our stash was just the right amount when diapers are washed every other day -- which amazingly, I manage to do.

Ladybug and I spent just over 24 hours in the hospital after her birth, and the first diaper change at home she was put in a cloth diaper.  I would like to be able to say that she hasn't worn a disposable since, but I can't. However if you only have prefolds in your diaper bag, and are missing clean covers and snappis, and your daughter has a blowout at your in-laws after Sunday dinner, you may be forced to use a disposable. 

We also used disposables when we went camping this summer.  My stash wasn't big enough for the three days we were gone, and it was really nice to come home to all clean diapers, when the camping laundry pile was huge.

I did expect to use disposables part time, and will probably use them again when we travel.  I've been very thrilled with our stash, and don't expect to have to use disposables as much as I originally thought.  Especially because daycare has been so supportive.  If you are hesitant, give cloth a try.

While I'm not a cloth diapering expert, I plan on writing more about my experiences in later posts. 

Are you trying to decide on cloth diapers for your newborn?   These are my favorite cloth diaper resources:

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