Monday, October 11, 2010

Jump Creek Canyon

In late August, our family took a nice Sunday drive out to Jump Creek Canyon. We wanted to take our boys on a little hike, and this quarter mile in water fall seemed to be the perfect one. The trail wanders through the canyon, often under a canopy of trees. It crosses the creek in a place or two. It was narrow and steep at times, but the boys managed through most of it with out being carried. At the end was a beautiful little pond with a water fall.

There were plenty of Northern Bluet damselflies about.
The trail head signs warned of poison ivy, and being an Alaskan girl, I have never encountered it in the wild. I'm glad to report that we managed to avoid all things green that looked from far away like they might have had three leaves.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change: Give Up Soda

I originally started this blog to document changes I was making in my life to be healthier. I'm still making changes, lots of them, every day. And not just to be physically healthier, but I'm working on changes to be spiritually and emotionally healthier too. Most days, I have to start over.

But today I want to annouce that I have been soda free for one whole month!

My main motivation behind giving up soda is part of a larger change to cut back on all refined sugar, but this is all about "many small changes" and not one big one.

Though this is a change I've been trying to make for years, the following really helped this time:

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The Word of Wisdom

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