Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vegetables, Again

I did a very poor job working more vegetables into my diet. I think I'll give it a try for another week.

I had been doing a great job of writing down everything that I ate. I was writing everything in my 'virtual' notebook on Google Docs. Then I found a website -- The Fat Secret -- where I started to record what I ate. I really like the website, but I was having a really hard time recording things like "a bite of Frosty" or "a drink of my husband's soda". Again, the perfectionist in me wanted to do it perfectly, but couldn't, so I stopped. I've taken a few days break from recording what I eat, but I'm going to pick that up again, just using the virtual notebook again. I don't count calories this way, but I'm trying to work more on why I'm eating than how much I'm eating.

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Kellie said...

I agree incorporating veggies is a big challenge at our house too. I recently did a brown rice, diced up chicken breast, and broccoli all cooked up in the skillet with a little chicken broth and fat free cream of chicken soup and our boys were begging for more. I can e-mail you the recipie. Don't give up.