Friday, January 23, 2009


Several times in the last year, I thought for sure my son J had an ear infection; he cranky or running a fever or pulling at his ears. I was always wrong. I had lots of ear infections. My sister's kids all have had lots of ear infections. Her youngest had 3 or 4 before he turned one. Finally, at J's 12 month well-child visit, he was diagnosed with an ear infection. I didn't know kids could go so long and never have an ear infection.

He was prescribed amoxicillin. A wonderful drug for sure, but I knew it was also a common culprit for causing allergic reactions. I read the print out from the pharmacy. I thought I knew what to watch for.

Nine days after his first dose J woke up with small pimple like bumps on his belly and face. He was also running a fever. I thought for sure that he had gotten the chicken pox from the vaccine he had received at his well-child visit.

An allergy to amoxicillin was the last thing on my mind. I had watched for a rash for the first few days. He got a bit of a diaper rash, but some yogurt and Ron's Diaper Rash Cream cleared it right up.

The next day, I gave J his final dose of the antibiotics. I got an appointment with his pediatrician for that afternoon. His rash was getting worse, and I didn't think it was chicken pox anymore, but I didn't know what it was.

One look at him, and the doctor said, "No, that's not chicken pox. He's not taking any medications, is he?" I answered, "Only the amoxicillin you prescribed him 10 days ago." "That would do it," she replied. She suggested some benadryl and said the rash would last several days.

Two days later, it was still spreading, so I took him back to the doctor. His pediatrician wasn't in the office, so we saw one of her partners. She was nice and all, but I really love our doctor. Anyways, J got a dose of long acting steroids, and his rash looks much better -- it is not so bumpy, and much lighter in color -- though it is still spreading.
Day 2
Amoxicillin Allergy - Day 2
Day 3
Amoxicillin Allergy - Day 3
Day 5
Amoxicillin Allergy - Day 5

He has been very cranky. He hasn't been sleeping well, and has just wanted me to hold him. It has made it very difficult for me to get out in the evening for my walks. Though I have kept my promise to exercise everyday. Two days I didn't get my full thirty minutes in, but I made the best effort I could on those days.

My husband has been very wonderful. He has done a great job supporting me. He holds crying babies while I go out for my walks. More importantly, he encourages me.

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