Monday, January 12, 2009

Thirty minutes is a long time

That was harder than I thought. I didn't manage to get out to walk today until after the boys went to bed. That meant that I had to do my 30 minutes in one big chunk. I was kinda disappointed when after just a few minutes my shins started to hurt, but I pressed on. I was even more disappointed when I was standing in front of my driveway after my first lap around the neighborhood, and I realized that it only took 10 minutes to complete the lap. Standing in front of my driveway for a second time, I thought about stopping and going inside. I was cold and I only had 8 more minutes to walk.I was walking slower now than when I had first started. I didn't think I would make it another lap, so I did a did a half of a lap. I conveniently live in a subdivision with a figure 8 layout. I walked into my driveway with 2 minutes left. I did a little bit of stretching, and I was done. I completed my first 30 minutes of exercise! Now, I just have to go drink my water.

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