Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I can't believe it is already the 6th of January. I'm back at work after a wonderful break. The holiday wasn't as relaxing as I had hoped, but we met my parents in Seattle after Christmas and had a whirl wind trip.

We visited my grandmother, who is in a nursing home. It was good to take my boys to see her, though they won't remember the visit, and neither will she. We were able to get some 4 generation pictures taken - which we already have with all the other living great grandparents.

My grandmother wears a pendant around her neck that contains a photo of my cousin, my brother and myself, when we were young. She kept showing it to me, and talking about 'her little people' and how precious the necklace was to her. It was both heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time.

I was glad to know how much she cares for me and how special I am to her. It was also so sad to keep telling her, "that's me, that's me in that picture." As we were leaving, she said, "Don't forget about me."

I won't. She doesn't know that I think of her often. She doesn't remember the cards and phone calls. I hope that even if she doesn't remember me, she remembers that the little girl in the picture remembers her and loves her.

I love looking at the pictures of me with my great grandparents. Some passed away before I was old enough to remember and some I visited on my way to college. I hope that the pictures we took on our trip will help teach my children the importance of family.

I hope to be around to see my great-grandchildren some day.

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